A Guinness World Record attempt at creating the largest comic book.

Mapambano is derived from Swahili. It means struggle and gives rise to the project’s theme ‘Struggles of the African Child’.

AIM: Creating a 10-paged Comic Book of 182.88cm by 91.44cm in an attempt to break the record for the largest comic book in the world. Beaming attention to the issues faced by the African child.

From poverty, exposure to diseases, malnutrition, poor newborn care, poor hygiene, limited access to quality education, child labor, child marriage, violence, female genital mutilation, amongst others.

Every child has a story to tell… 


Managed by the Lagos State Parks and Gardens Agency (LASPARK), Johnson Jakande Tinubu (JJT) Park is a modern recreational Park with lots of facilities including Children’s play area, dry fountain, gazebo, love nest, rock formation Eyo waterfall, flags and educational information of all African countries, seating area, car park and free WiFi. The JJT Park is located in front of the State House of Assembly and occupies a land area of approximately 21,880sqm.

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llustrators,Doodle Artists,Education and Training Authorities

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